Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A Healthy Perspective

Reflection by Jennifer Trana, San Francisco State University Health Intern

Interning at America SCORES Bay Area was a fulfilling experience and definitely self-rewarding. I had the pleasure of working with staff members who are truly passionate about their work and the community they serve. They were inspiring and motivating and pushed me to greater limits. 

I was mainly focused on the “Chat and Chew” component of the program hosted every Saturday at game days. I co-facilitated nutritional workshops for SCORES families who would come out each week to cheer-on their soccer players.  While parents were on the sidelines, we would provide them with information and samples of healthy food alternatives. It was an honor working and getting to know families of students in the program. 

Being Latina, I was able to relate to a majority of the community SCORES serves. Growing up, there were so many delicious yet unhealthy foods in my household, and I know it can be so hard to alter your ways after many years. However, being involved with this organization, we were able to create healthier and relatable food choices such as our quesadillas and veggie pizzas, that many families enjoyed. Parents were constantly asking for our recipe cards and stated that they will be taking these recipes to their kitchens, as I too have. Knowing and demonstrating to families that you do not necessarily have to give up what you like to eat healthier was definitely something I took away from my SCORES experience. Hearing multiple stories of parents stating that their child asks for some of the recipes at home or are actually eating vegetables is a great feeling because it shows our message is making a positive impact.

Build-your-own pita pizza sponsored by Bi-Rite 
I also worked as a literacy and soccer coach at Paul Revere Elementary School, and I absolutely loved it! Working with children is something that I always enjoyed because they are so filled with energy and positivity. Anytime a student was down, another teammate was there to pick her up. Before SCORES, I had never played soccer in my life, but after going to training days and watching students pour their heart out at practice and on the field, I developed a newfound respect for the game. The technique, teamwork, and leadership skills that the students posses is truly amazing and inspiring. My experience at SCORES was truly a pleasure and an organization that I fully support.

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