Jr. SCORES Poetry

Here you'll find writing from our Jr. SCORES (1st- 2nd grades) athlete-poets. Enjoy!

El Circo
By Angel, J. Serra Elementary

Circo, circo es divertido
Yo comí unas palomitas
Eran ricas 
El circo
Era increíble
Circo, circo viaja en dos lugares
Uno en México
Otro en aqui

Dear Cone
By Eduardo, Bryant Elementary

Dear Cone,
You look like a hat.
You smell like paint.
You taste like orange.
You sound like a drum.
You feel like paper.
I would turn you into magic.

By Jairo, Bryant Elementary

I like heart
Because it gives me life
I like heart
Because they are red.
I like heart
because when I run
It moves my heart.

Dear Hand
By Sascha, Bryant Elementary

Dear Hand,
You look like five sticks.
You smell like soap.
You taste like nothing.
You sound like air.
You feel like soft.
I would turn you into a broken hand.

By Kevin, Bryant Elementary

Bees sting me
Bees are fun
Because it's like they're playing tag
because they follow me.

By Brianna (Poetry Magic), Marshall Elementary

In my heart there lives a soccer ball
Beating like boom boom! 
My mom that makes me happy and my 
Dad too
In my heart there lives
7 pizzas dancing, 100 burritos and 1
Teacher named Mr. Alberto
Boom, boom, boom, boom!


Ms. World
By Emily (Watermelon Girl), Marshall Elementary

I love my brother Gabriel and my 
favorite princess is Ariel. 
I named him Chewy but his real name is 
Luwy. Sophie reminds me of my trophy. 
I used to have a lawn but now I just 
have my mom. 
My dad was sad but now he is glad. 
Ms. Coconut smells like no-conuts. 
My cousin Brian likes a lion. 
Sincerely, Emily C. 


By Sophie (Miss Design), Marshall Elementary

Inside my heart there are pictures of
memories of passing times with my 
family like when my little brother was 
born or like when I met Brianna. That is 
what inside my heart. 


By Melvin (Mr. Money), Marshall Elementary

Rock mop!
Pop dap!
Mop cop!
Mop dop!
Mot dot!
Un pop!
Pop a lot!
Pop amp!
Pap bom!
Pab dob!
Pop not!


Caio's Heart
By Caio (Mr. Lightening Dragon), Marshall Elementary

I talk when I walk,
I eat a bean though it's green,
I put a locket in my pocket, 
I put my coat instead of riding a boat,
I clean my house but don't play with a house. 


By Victor (Mr. Sonic), Marshall Elementary

When I do rhyme I always do it one at a time. 
Yo cuando como banana yo grito con "La la."
Cuando como burritos yo los como calentitos. 
Cuando como sabritas se me antojan las papitas. 
Cuando veo un zorro  veo un loco. 

My Cousin
By Alberto, J. Serra Elementary

My cousin he is fun, he is fun. 
He is skinny like a noodle. 
And I'm round like a meatball. 
My cousin. 

By Saray, J. Serra Elementary

Soccer is the best. I know why, because it is awesome, awesome! 
Don't you care about wasting your energy?
Who cares, it's fun, fun! Because you get to eat vegetables every day, day!

Mi Hermanito
By Diana, J. Serra Elementary

Mi hermanito hermanito es gordito
y sus cachetitos me gustan porque estan gorditos
y me gusta mi hermanito porque es gordito
y chiquito
y sus ojos son brillantes
mi hermanito con amor, amor y amor
hermanito Kevin. 

When I Play With My Mom
By Heaven Lee, J. Serra Elementary

When I play with my mom
I feel happy
Like it's my happy birthday
Because she takes me to the park
to play with my friends. 

By Yakima, Bret Harte Elementary

Colors are beautiful. Colors are
bright.  Colors can change
your mind. Colors can tell you how the
future is going to be.  I 
like colors because colors
can be.

Natalie, E. R. Taylor Elementary

I don't want a haircut
I hate this.
I look silly.
What shall I do.
will laugh at me.

My Coach Car Just Got Stolen
By Jonathan, E. R. Taylor Elementary

My coach car just got stolen
at her school she told everyone
we were sad and the stuff we were supposed
to return is gone.  Now
she has to pay smelly money
And I think she's texting how sad she is.
And now she's so sad that she won't move
and now she is trying to calm down
in a chair.


by Oscar, E.R. Taylor Elementary

Kids are cool.
Kids are fun.
Kids are nice.
Kids are smart.
Kids are in love.
Kids are funky.
Kids are lucky


My Peace Poem
Daniela, E. R. Taylor Elementary

If peace were a color it would be
purple, as cute as a flower
If peace were a taste it would be just like
a lollipop.
If peace were a feeling it would be soft
as a pillow
If peace were a smell it would be good as 
a berry
If peace was a sound it would be
as cute as a bird.

A Sky
By Daniela, E.R Taylor Elementary

A sky is blue and so are you. 
The clouds are white like snow
The sky is big like a school and 
The sky is large like an ocean.
You cannot touch a sky. 
When you look at the sky there are clouds in the sky. 
When is night time the sky is black
like my mom's hair. 

The Sun
By Adeena, E.R. Taylor Elementary

The sun is the closest star.
The sun is with big clouds. 
The sun is high. 
The sun is my friend. 
The sun is humongous. 
The sun is a star. 
The sun is the very best! 
I look up and the sun is on top of me! 
The sun is up in the sky!
The sun is the hottest thing in the 
whole entire world! 

A Rainbow
By Carmen, E.R. Taylor Elementary

When it's sunny a rainbow comes.
A rainbow has colors like red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, gray, white and finally black. 
A rainbow is big and thick. 

I Am
By Donovan, Redding Elementary

I am as powerful as the 
Poetry is powerful
I am a poet as loud as coach


By Donovan, Redding Elementary

Dear Fork, 
You look like four pointy fangs
You smell like nothing
You sound like metal
You feel like stone I would turn you 
into a monster. 


My Mom
By Dayana, Redding Elementary

My mom's name is Dilmy
My mom's hair is red. 
She loves cooking. 
She helps me with my homework. 
I help my mom to cook. 
I get burn but it's ok
because I love my mom


If I Were In Charge of the World
By Vann, Redding Elementary

If I were in charge of the world good people will 
live forever and ponies could talk. 


My Mom
By Muskaan, Redding Elementary

My mom loves to cook foods for me
My mom likes to go shopping and buy me clothes
My mom is short, she is pretty
And she says to me;
You are talented, you are good at coloring, you are 
really nice and proud and smart.


I Used To Be
By Armani, Redding Elementary

I used to be a tracer
but now I'm a drawer

I seem to be a reader
but really I am pronouncer

I come from U.S.A.
One day I plan to be a soccer coach


Dear Flower
By Armani, Redding Elementary

Dear Flower, 
You look like a windmill
You smell like honey
You taste like pollen
You sound like sways of wind
You feel like paper marshy
I would turn you into a dragon


I Am
By Kailey, Redding Elementary

I am as powerful as the universe
talking about objects or a person
If I were in charge of the world I would 
make every one have a second chance
I am as loud as a dragon

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